799 Ninth Street 

Tenant Handbook 

Property Management Office


As the property manager of 799 9th Street, we want you to know that every member of our staff is here to assist you. The Management Office is located on the 2nd floor, suite 255.  The Management Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. Please feel free to call the Management Office at (202) 467-7900, if we can be of any assistance to you.  After hours, tenants can call the Security Officer for routine matters at (202) 347-6013 or (202) 321-8175.

Property Management Staff 

Title Name Email
Director Laura Smelgus Laura.Smelgus@brookfieldproperties.com
General Manager Vicki Chavis Vicki.Chavis@brookfieldproperties.com
Chief Engineer Mike Phillips Mike.Phillips@brookfieldproperties.com
Lead Engineer Josh Maggio Joshua.Maggio@brookfieldproperties.com
Property Manager Vaiva Anuzis Vaiva.Anuzis@brookfieldproperties.com
Property Assistant Cierra Barnett Cierra.Barnett@brookfieldproperties.com


Tenant Service Requests 

Brookfield utilizes an online Tenant Service Request system which is accessible by designated tenant facility contacts.  If a need for building services arises, please notify the Management Office by submitting a Tenant Service Request or contacting our office so we may respond promptly.  Please refer to Base Building Services and  "Tenant Service Requests" for more information. 

After Hours Building-Related Emergencies 

Should you encouter a building-related emergency after normal business hours, please call our after hours emergency number answered by DataWatch Systems at 301-347-4000 who will contact a Brookfield on call engineer to assist you. If you have a non-emergency service call, feel free to leave a message with the Management Office at (202) 467-7900 or Security at (202) 347-6013 or (202) 321-8175 and your call will be addressed the next business day.  For any emergency calls requiring police, fire or ambulance service, call 911.