799 Ninth Street 

Tenant Handbook 



Brookfield is committed to both preserving our environment and reducing operating costs. Our recycling program includes recycling, composting and e-cycling.  Please see the brief description below for items that should be discarded in each category:

Recycling- Paper, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic. 

Composting- Produce scraps, meat trimmings, compostable products, napkins, and restroom hand towels.

E-cycling- Computers, monitors, keyboards, TVs, phones, and kitchen appliances.

Recycling and composting should be discarded in the central bins located within your suite.  The cleaning staff will empty these on a daily basis.  Please ensure trash and recycling materials are always separated and never comingled within the same container.  E-cycling disposal will be arranged periodically through the management office.  Please contact the management office if you have items you would like to include in the next e-cycling pick-up.

Please see the attached quick reference guide for more information on the Victor Building recycling program:

 Brookfield DC Employee Tenant Ed organics.pdf

 If you have any questions, please call the Management Office.